As reported by Latino Review, Nathan Edmondson and Mitch GeradsThe Activity is in the beginning stages of a getting a feature film script treatment by screenwriter Ken Nolan, most known for his work on Ridley Scott‘s Black Hawk Down.

Edmondson and Gerads are currently the team on the recent relaunch of The Punisher, which has been well received, and Edmondson’s Black Widow with Phil Noto has been one of my favorite surprise reads from the past year.

The Activity centers on a team of US special ops agents that fixes botched operations while wielding cutting edge tech. It’s currently up to Issue 16 from Image.

Nolan was apparently such a big fan of the series that he penned the intro to the Vol 3 trade-paperback collection that saw release last month.

The property isn’t currently attached to a studio, so its got a bit of a road ahead of it in order to line up producers and studio interest, but this is exciting news for fans of the team.