Secret Wars is turning out to be the place where classic crossovers and stories are being revisited for our enjoyment. Today, Marvel added yet another country to its Battleworld map with INFERNO. The 1989 crossover will enter Secret Wars under the “Warzones!” tie-in banner. Inferno will be written by Avengers Arena writer Dennis Hopeless with art by Javier Garron.

The premise of the series analogs Marvel’s What If line; Inferno takes place in a version of reality where the X-Men weren’t triumphant against the demon hordes and Manhattan succumbed to being a permanent “Hell on Earth,” with readers joining the story five years after the fall of Manhattan. Colossus and a small group of mutant survivors embark on a mission to rescue his sister llyana Rasputin, but she definitely won’t be the one in need of rescuing.

With the forces of Limbo running roughshod over the Marvel Universe, readers can expect to see demonized versions of some of their favorite characters. Hopeless talked about some of the fun details he planned on bringing back from the original crossover. Among them were Goblin Queen Madelyne Prior, former New Mutant Boom Boom and a brainwashed Alex Summers.

No word was given on how long this series would run but Marvel did show off a gorgeous Adi Granov variant for the first issue.


What do you think of this latest Secret Wars announcement? Will you be checking it out or is there such a thing as too much Secret Wars?


  1. I think the only proper response is, “Thank you, Marvel!”

    Inferno is still the gold standard of company-wide crossovers to me (for much more than simply for having my favorite in a starring role) and I’ve been hoping to see Hopeless back on an X-book.

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