With over 200,000 copies pre-ordered, Marvels’ Princess Leia #1 looks to be another hit for Marvel—although it is only a mini-series. Mark Waid and Terry Dodson give us the goods and Variants by Alex Ross, Mark Brooks, J. SCott Campbell, Skottie Young, Butch Guice, John Tyler Christopher,  John Cassaday and probably 58 more. Waid and Dodson takled about the book in a July interview.  And here’s the logline:

Now, follow Leia’s journey in the days following the end of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope as she searches for answers and for hope. Witness the beginnings of the journey that transforms a princess without a home into one of the greatest leaders in the fight for freedom across the galaxy! It all begins this March, as PRINCESS LEIA #1, the explosive first issue comes to comic shops and digital devices!

What do you think, kids, should Leia get her OWN ongoing series?


Princess_Leia_1_Preview_1 Princess_Leia_1_Preview_2 Princess_Leia_1_Preview_3

Princess_Leia_1_Young_Variant Princess_Leia_1_Ross_Variant Princess_Leia_1_Movie_Variant Princess_Leia_1_Guice_Variant Princess_Leia_1_Christopher_Action_Figure_Variant Princess_Leia_1_Cassaday_Teaser_Variant Princess_Leia_1_Campbell_Connecting_Variant Princess_Leia_1_Brooks_Variant


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