Author Nancy Collins has been relentless in publicizing the connection between Dragon-Con and Ed Kramer — in fact it’s undoubtedly due to her efforts to publicize the fact that Kramer was still profiting from the show that he was finally removed from the board, as it was announced earlier today.

However the ambiguous language in the initial statement—Kramer had been offered a buyout but that didn’t mean he had accepted it—still left many questioning whether there was some catch to Kramer’s removal. A subsequent statement by a lawyer still left many unsatisfied, including Collins.

However, in response to an inquiry from The Beat, she just wrote that she is indeed calling off the boycott after getting convincing evidence that Kramer has indeed been removed.

I have confirmed the Dragon Con merger press release via non-fannish channels (ie an AJC reporter who has spoken to Kramer’s attorney–newsflash, Kramer’s unhappy and is going to sue). Barring unforeseen events, I am now officially calling off the boycott. It’s interesting to see that something that had not been done and supposedly *couldn’t* be done for nearly 13 years somehow managed to be implemented in less than 6 months.

I would like to thank those professionals who took a stand and vocally supported the boycott of DragonCon, as well as the many fans who have done so as well. You looked the dragon in the eye and made it blink. And have no doubt, it was your unified efforts, actions and voices that made this happen, and nothing else.

It was you, and no one else, who were responsible for this cancer finally being cut from Fandom.

Collins took a lot of flak for being so immovable in her insistence at getting at the truth; people just wanted to have a good time and didn’t want to have to think about the possible ethical ramifications. For this, they resented her. Unfortunately sometimes a few people have to become unpopular in order for the right things to be done.

For the record, I’d like to say that I also commend Collins and those who stood behind her on the boycott. Kramer’s financial involvement is something that everyone needed to know about and something that needed to be stopped.

Of course he plans to sue. It’s all he does. There’s more to come here, but for now it seems that the good guys won.


  1. “Unfortunately sometimes a few people have to become unpopular in order for the right things to be done. ”

    Yep. There’s nothing more dangerous than standing up for what’s right.

    (Side note: I had to do a search to understand why there was a boycott in the first place. This is the first I’ve heard of this story.)

  2. Why is this better? Didn’t they buy him out? He’s still getting a giant payout, which he can use to hire lawyers after he does some kiddie touching.

  3. Zach: It means he won’t be profiting from D*C any longer. Think of it as a neighborhood getting together and buying a neighborhood from a local creep. Sure, he’s going to get money because you can’t just deprive him of property, but you can clean up after he’s gone.

  4. Zach:
    Kramer has creditors out the wazoo, including previous lawyers he tossed aside like Kleenex. Whatever payment he got, it won’t last long. And, if I’m not mistaken, if he going to legally contest the buy-out, he can’t cash the check.

  5. Furthermore Zach, thats it. This is all he gets. Hes rotting in jail right now without bond because of his very “liberal” agreement that he broke. If convicted he will have to pay restitution. At this point, his lawyers get money, his creditors get money and perhaps his victims. But he doesnt get his yearly payout. He doesnt get 35% of Dragon Con profit anymore. He is done. That income stream is shut down. Dragon Con is taking a legal risk doing the right thing here, and one that they should have taken years ago. All we can do is move forward and at this point he moves forward without his annual dividend check. He has other income streams from other sources but 150K a year is probably a good chunk of that.

  6. I am thrilled to hear about this I may have never attended DC but when all this disgusting news was coming out I certainly put it on my never in a million years list. Thank you so much to people like Nancy Collins who did not back down in this fight as a member of the fandom community for over 30 years everyone should be grateful that there are still people like her and the others who stood behind her that finally got these people to see how serious it was, I know I am. Thank you…

  7. Suddenly the impossible becomes possible. Way to go Nancy, for sticking to your guns, despite all the completely unnecessary bullshit thrown your way (and you are probably still receiving).

    See folks? Occasionally boycotts do work.

  8. I don’t understand. How could this boycott possibly have worked after that Jerry Chandler fellow expended 923,000 words telling us that it would not?

  9. Most boycotts are idiotic in nature, simple matters of free speech, but this is one that made sense. Ms. Collins did a good thing fighting to get the word out about this animal.

  10. Amanda and I love this show. Love the people that run it these days, and the fans of the show are awesome. As far as I know, they have always been trying to get rid of Ed and I always had faith they would. Glad this is resolved. On to the best part…a celebration of the things we love!

  11. I didn’t know Collins was privy to other’s legal counsel and to when motions were filed. So how does she determine WHEN things should be done. I thought that was according to the justice system.

    In all honestly, for all her words, she didn’t do much but cause trouble. She could’ve been proactive in her approach, perhaps she should be petitioning the DA’s office, or the local court system to get this person brought to trial. Instead, she used the mob mentality, her opinions and social media to start a witch hunt. Even upon positive conclusion, she’s still stating it isn’t good ‘enough’.

    Why doesn’t she start an abuse charity that will have a positive effect, instead of sowing ineffectual negativity? Something the victims of this crime probably have had enough of. Pay for their counseling Nancy, instead of basking in the limelight of your blogs.

  12. * witch hunt against Dragon*Con, and not the actual individual commiting the crime.

    I for one would like to examine Ms. Collins dealings to ensure that NO ONE she deals with in her book selling, publisher, PR firm, HECK even her car dealer has ever been accused of a crime, or that she supports.

    If her publisher has a person convicted or even allegedly accused- would she have acted the same?

  13. I especially love the contempt that Nancy Collins has for “non-fannish websites,” as Nancy states, “I have confirmed the Dragon Con merger press release via non-fannish channels (ie an AJC reporter who has spoken to Kramer’s attorney–newsflash, Kramer’s unhappy and is going to sue).” All of these various genre websites that Nancy has trolled week after week with her comments are suddenly dismissed as unworthy of serious journalism. Apparently ajc.com is where she goes for her news and the rest of you are hopless fan boys and girls.

  14. This is exactly what I meant about unnecessary bullshit. Kramer’s removal from Dragon Con will probably have no effect on Dragon Con itself, except improve it’s reputation. But the miscreants feel the need throw shit at her anyway.

  15. Guys, I’m with Jimmy on this – I loved & have always loved Dragon*Con, & am thrilled to bits they were able to detach themselves from their cancerous association with Ed Kramer. They’ve been working towards it for a long time.

    But I’ve never jumped on the dogpile on Ms. Collins. Everyone has the right to speak up & to their opinion. Castigating someone for sticking up for their beliefs isn’t too kosher, especially in a community that prides itself on inclusiveness.

    Everybody wins here. Dragon*con can move forward, free of Kramer, & people who wasted their time coming down hard on the boycotters can now find something else to do.

    If the end goal here was really justice, then I hope the folks who were calling for a boycott of the show will turn their attention to the Gwinnett County, GA, legal system, who are largely responsible for the fuckups in getting Kramer’s case tried. Keep the pressure on them. There would be no Zimmerman trial if it weren’t for public pressure.

  16. Eric, you could always include your diatribes against Ms. Collins in a single post if you feel so strongly.

    Count me in the “I don’t get the Nancy Collins hate” camp. I think she did the right thing.

  17. So the thing that was supposedly impossible — separating Kramer from Dragon*Con — got done within six months, but Nancy Collins is the jerk?

    I don’t get it.

  18. Wow. People are actually DEFENDING a child molestor and bashing the person who got them removed from their involvement in a family-friendly convention.

    Those people are the CANCER as much as Kramer is…

  19. I would, however, venture to guess that Nancy does stay out of churches, especially Catholic ones, and wouldn’t hesitate to say exactly why, if you really want to know.

  20. I’m not bashing Nancy, I admire her conviction. I think she was wrong, but admire her commitment to her opinion. I do however think her comment about the buyout “suddenly happening in 6 months” is petty and uninformed. This latest attempt to remove Kramer was the CULMINATION of 13 years of effort on the part of DragonCon to remove Kramer.

  21. Since the boycott is over the attacks are clearly not motivated by concern about Dragon Con.

    their act is so weak that it’s not even worth it.

    The ineptitude on display would almost be reassuring if it wasn’t for the obvious fact that within this coalition of losers, alongside the silent majority of selfish CLints, and the smaller group of deranged contrarians, there’s is another group of people who are masturbating furiously over the idea of Ed Kramer’s activities.

  22. Nancy Collins is a has been hypocrit, that found a way to get her name noticed again.

    DragonCon had been working with legal to find ways to part ways of the, not yet convicted, shareholder in question.

    Every member of organized religion that backed the boycott continues to support pedophiles, by continuing to support their religious organizations.

    Mohammed of islam had a 9 year old child bride, giving permission to the sick fs in that religion. The christian god knocked up a 13 year old girl, and didn’t even wait around to marry her, and the sick fs that worship it call themselves “moral”, even though the holy book has 3 times the violence than there is good.

    There is not a week were a youth minister, priest, iman, rabbi or other religious leader is caught diddling children.

    So take your holier than thou head out of your butts.

  23. How funny that so many of these Nancy bashers have the same IP. Quite a coikydink.

    Their intelligence speaks for itself.

    And for everyone saying this was “in the works for 13 years” — amazing that six months after Nancy outed Ed Kramer’s profitting from the show, it all got done isn’t it?

    In the meantime, more young men were reportedly molested by Kramer while he used the money to fight his endless legal battles.

    Think about that and tell me who is in the right here.

  24. Thank you Nancy for all your hard work. Ignore these trolls. All they care about is themselves. Good for you for looking out for others. You are an inspiration.

  25. 1) the payout’s probably bigger than the dividends per year, total. Especially since there were a few times DragonCon did not give a dividend to anyone since there wasn’t anything left after paying staff, declared charities, hotel rooms, guests, etc. And he got 1/3. That 150,000 dollar settlement he got one year was probably 130,000 more than he got in dividend each year. Assuming he got 20,000 and not less.

    2) First people complain that DragonCon hasn’t succeeded in buying his shares because he fought it. Then they complain that DragonCon finally forced him against his will to sell them.

    3) The guy’s an editor of a few anthologies and a bunch of other things. I’d say he “gets” not “got” paid more from sources outside of dragoncon than he got from it.

    conclusion: he was annoyed that DragonCon backed away from him and decided to fight them tooth and nail on the shareholder issue

  26. The entire process took years and started way before that boycott. Seeing all of the members of the boycott (including you) self-infatuating their ego by claiming to be the reason behind the event (as most , including you, does) is like a watching a gang of loudmouths bringing one final tiny cherry to put on top of a giant cake and then claiming everywhere they are the one/real reason that entire cake was made.
    I completely respect you engagement, but as far as taking credit for the people who worked being the scene for years to make that happen, you need to check your ego and learn some humility, thank you.

  27. I commend Nancy for speaking out and getting the word out about an important (and sensitive) matter, and taking a lot of undue flak for it in the process. But I find the boycott being the only reason this matter was finally resolved as highly unlikely. I believe this was in the works for some time, and the timing of the resolution with the months-long boycott are coincidental at best. Everything takes six times as long to air out when there are lawyers involved, and I find it hard to believe that a media con known for big-name guests like William Shatner and other celebrities would be shut down by a few comic book artists refusing to attend, and I say that as a past guest myself. I commend everyone involved behind the scenes of this debacle for finally coming to a resolution and I hope that this is the end of it, and that Kramer will stand trial and be found guilty or acquitted based on the evidence provided, as is every person’s right in this country. I also look forward to many more Dragon*Cons to come.

  28. Oh, boy! First the Orson Scott Card “controversy” …. now this! It just doesn’t get any better, eh?

  29. OKAY gang time to boycott the boycotters. Leth them all scream “we on, we won” ripping the delusion away from the delusional can be fatal…like waking a sleepwalker. Don’t feed the trolls who just want to keep stirring up shit. They will never be satisfied with any outcome because then they would have to find something new to harp about. It is time to move forward and forget they exist. Oh and don’t honor their, “Now we can go again posts.” Tell them they should continue the boycott…there are other horrible things in the world that can all be laid at the feet of DragonCon. We are at critical mass, they won’t be missed.

  30. This had ZERO to do with Nancy.

    Dragon Con’s board has attempted to do this almost every single year since 2000. The only thing that changed this time was the simple matter of Ed’s lawyer dropping him as a client, and the new lawyer was willing to ‘do the right thing’ and not use shady legal means to block all attempts.

    So, don’t think this had boo to do with Nancy, it was all Ed’s fault for losing his shady lawyer.

  31. This is a good thing, but Nancy has been from the beginning of her holy crusade (and attempt to pitch a book based on the situation. coincidence?) argumentative, confrontational, irrational, abusive (My two favorite tactics of hers were to label anyone who didn’t jump on her bandwagon as pedophiles and pedophile supporters, as well as random accusations of misogyny for such heinous crimes as…getting her name wrong) to the point of being banned from multiple sites (“It was all everyone else’s fault! There’s a conspiracy to silence me! How dare the mods not let me abuse anyone who doesn’t agree with my tactics 100% as I see fit! They’re obviously pedophiles and good personal friends of Ed Kramer! Especially the ones who never met him!!”). Or, word for word from Nancy’s own fingertips
    “Now that the boycott is over, and DragonCon has finally done what it said it couldn’t do, I am no longer tolerating you ugly, immature, sociopathic little bastards. ”
    Because nothing says rationality like stating that everyone and anyone who doesn’t follow your narrow world view is obviously insane and mentally deficient.
    Been wanting to get that off my chest, I feel better for it now.

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