Image had a lot of guests pop up at their expo to reveal new titles, but Eric Stephenson’s keynote speech also made a number of other announcements, which haven’t yet been reported quite so widely. Amongst them was the announcement of a series which has been trailed extensively through various Image comics over the last month or so – UMBRAL, by Antony Johnston and Chris Mitten.


Now the title has been announced by the company, Johnston has blogged a few more details about the series.  The book launches in November, and will be coloured by John Rauch, lettered by Thomas Mauer. Mitten and Johnston were obviously the co-creators of the long-running Oni Press series Wasteland, and describe this new collaboration as ‘a dark fantasy series. ‘

There’s not much news on this comic yet – it wasn’t given the same discussion at Image Expo as the other titles, so we don’t currently know if this is even a miniseries or an ongoing – but Johnston promises that more news on the title will be coming soon.


  1. So excited for this project. Mitten and Johnston are amazing together.

    I love Wasteland, but it just hasn’t been the same since Mitten came off the interior art. It’s finding it’s way back again after moving through a number of artists and Johnston’s scripts are always fantastic, but I can’t help missing Mitten.

    I’m thrilled to see them collaborating on new projects.

  2. When Mitten left Wasteland the void was obvious, but yes it has been mostly filled by now.

    I’m also very excited to see them working together again, November can not come too soon!

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