Your card game collection is about to get plus ultra with My Hero Academia. The tabletop publisher Jasco is bringing the popular superhero anime under its broader UniVersus TCG, which brings titles like Cowboy Bebop, Mortal Kombat and Yu Yu Hakusho into the same ring.

Structurally, the My Hero Academia Collectible Card Game works like may others. Player choose one primary character such as Deku or All-Might and build a deck entirely around them with support cards, using those to drop the other’s score to zero in head-to-head battles. Originally announced in July, the game made an appearance last weekend at Gen Con, where attendees were able to test the game using demo decks in a tournament.

The official game doesn’t release until early 2020, but luckily, if you weren’t at Gen Con, you haven’t missed the chance for a preview. Anyone who wants to get their hands on the MHA Card Game just has to fill out this form to request demo decks for their local game store. If that’s not enough, Jasco is also planning to attend a few more events this year, where they’re planning to giveaway some exclusive foil cards.

Once Deku and his pals finally hit shelves, Jasco will begin set-up on community building. There are promises to organize a full My Hero Academia Collectible Card Game Organized Play league, where players can compete in tournaments or just enjoy the the comradery with celebration events. In the following years, players can expect even more sets featuring more characters from the Shonen anime.

With a new movie (hopefully) coming Stateside along with the card game, My Hero Academia looks like it’ll have a great 2020.

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