The upcoming My Hero Academia movie, Heroes Risinghas a brand new trailer – and a first look at the film’s villain thanks to its official Twitter account. Set to be the second feature film in the franchise, following last year’s Two Heroes, BONES animation studio is reuniting with series’ creator Kōhei Horikoshi on the project.

It’s a quick, 30 second look at new and old footage. Fans who are caught up on the anime will recognize some of season 3’s famous shots, for example, but first we get a few shots of Nine. The brand new baddy wear a purple and black costume with some sort of tubes poking out of the shoulders; he gives off some real Bane vibes because of that.

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising is rumored to be the final feature film of the franchise, which makes it, potentially, the last time to see Deku and his pals on the silver screen. Horikoshi has said before that Heroes Rising uses some of his main ideas from the manga’s closing battle – and that it’ll be the more “Plus Ultra” than anything before it.

If that sounds like an unmissable affair, stay at the ready. Although the movie hits Japan on December 20, there’s no Stateside release date as of yet. Till then, keep checking back here, and check out the My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising trailer for yourself.


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