The second My Hero Academia movie, announced in March, had its title and Japanese release date revealed at the Hero FES eventMy Hero Academia: Heroes Rising opens in Japan on December 20. The series’ first feature film, Two Heroes landed in Japan on August 8 of last year and hit the states in October for a small theatrical release.

My Hero Academia is a manga and anime with huge audiences across the east and west. Creator Kohei Horikoshi imagines a world where nearly the entire population has a superpower called a quirk and being a hero is a profession. Just like the series’ first movie, Horikoshi is supervising on Heroes Rising and contributing original character designs. He’s joined by director Kenji Nagasaki, writer Yosuke Kuroda and master of hype composer Yuuki Hayashi. Horikoshi adds that My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising will use content originally planned for the Two Heroes’ finale.

Along with the title and release date, we’ve also got a look at some promotional material for My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising. 

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising


My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising


My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising

And if you hadn’t seen it already, below is the teaser trailer that accompanied the My Hero Academia movie announcement. Check it out and stay tuned for the series’ next blockbuster.



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