Katy Farina is making big moves. The She-Ra animator, who is currently adapting the Baby-Sitters Little Sister novels for Scholastic’s Graphic imprint, sold her first graphic novel to Sterling Publishing. The book is called Song of the Court and it is slated for release in April 2020.

Per an exclusive at The Hollywood ReporterSong of the Court follows Arietta, who attempts to sell her family’s treasured violin in order to raise money for her beloved garden. However, her attempts are thwarted by a request from Princess Cassia to play the violin at her upcoming birthday party. To top it all off, Arietta has a secret: she doesn’t know how to play violin!

“I hope this book can offer a ray of sunshine through those cloudy days for anyone who needs it,” Farina said in a statement. “The manga series Kodocha helped me identify my own depression when I was younger, and it gave me the words to talk with my parents about how I was feeling. I hope that Song of the Court can help kids and adults have a bigger conversation about anxiety and pursuing what you love.”

Check out some of Farina’s art from the title below. Song of the Court hits shelves April 21, 2020.

Katy Farina - Song of the Court Katy Farina - Song of the Court Katy Farina - Song of the Court

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