Cartoonist C. Spike Trotman is one of the most self-assured creators we’ve ever met. Whether it’s her long running webcomic Templar, AZ or her guide to living on a little money, Poorcraft, or her mastery of crowdfunding or anything else, she has one of the sharpest business senses around. She just posted a new 24 Hour Comic (which only got to 12 pages) called Everything I Know which sums up everything about the current career trajectory of the cartoonist better than anything I’ve read, from the wonderful array of options available, to the terrifying array of options available. Tying together the “!000 true rans” theorem with the need for working, hustling and networking, it’s a tidy summation, and if the 10,000 notes it’s already racked up on Tumblr are any proof, it’s already struck a chord with a lot of people.

BTW if you think about that a little, that 10,000 “likes” on Tumblr indicates to me that the “comics establishment” whatever that is, hasn’t really dealt with Tumblr culture yet.

Spotted via Johanna because I don’t get on Tumblr enough.


  1. I would take Spike’s admission of “working her ass off” more seriously if Templar updated more than once every six months.

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