It is never too soon to fret about San Diego Comic-Con! We’ve already had badge PRE-REGISTRATION, Film Festival registration, professional registration, and now press registration has opened. There are quite a few changes this year—documentary film crews will not get press badges, but will be approved to buy badges. I guess there were a lot of them? Also people attending as part of an outlet need to say that from the start.

So, people, even though we have a mere eight months to go, if you are interested in covering SDCC for The Beat, you’d better let me know now. As an accredited outlet, I’ve always been able to get writers in after the deadline, but there’s no telling if that will be allowed any more. So plan ahead! If you’re interested, shoot me a line at comicsbeat at gmail.com. But please be serious about it: covering the show is a ton of fun and gets you some amazing access (sometimes) but it is also hard, hard work. Look at these calluses.