As all of DC’s Batnews has been rolling out today, the biggest question has been “Whither Grant Morrison?”

Morrison’s popular and ground-breaking run on the book has introduced several great characters and concepts, and the whole Batman Inc idea. In all the things that needed relaunching/rebooting or refurbing. Morrison’s work seemed the most likely to withstand an overhaul.

But would all that be jettisoned in the relaunch? Via the Source, it’s now being revealed that the current BATMAN INCORPORATED will wrap up with #10 in August and return next year with a 12 -issue maxiseries called BATMAN: LEVIATHAN in collaboration with Chris Burnham.

In the wake of our announcement of a historic line of new #1’s within the Batman family, many of you noticed that while several of the titles and characters spun out of the Batman, Inc. storyline, there was no mention of that series itself – but there’s a reason for that: Grant Morrison’s BATMAN, INCORPORATED series will return with a new issue #1 in early 2012.

Grant Morrison had this to say about Batman, Incorporated:

“Batman, Incorporated will continue through to Issue #10 and August’s shocking season finale that changes the Batman status quo yet again. The series will take a brief hiatus while I work on a major new project to be announced shortly. Batman, Incorporated returns next year with me, Chris Burnham and Batman: Leviathan, the epic 12 part conclusion to my 6 year Batman saga. Don’t miss it!”


  1. I wouldn’t assume it’s an Elseworlds story, particularly not if it has spin-offs as part of the relaunch.

    It seems more like the old “This storyline wraps up in an annual” situation, but on a grander scale, but not “This story isn’t in conti unity any more.”

  2. I’m excited both to see Morrison’s conclusion (although, to be fair, I’d be even happier if he just wrote Batman forever) and to get more work from Burnham. I think he’s an artist that’s going to be hitting it big very soon: he’s got the Quitely/Darrow/Chaykin style and storytelling chops, as well as the ability to actually do timely art!

    Mr. Busiek’s “wraps up in the annual” idea might indeed be true. I can’t be the only one wondering whether part of the delay is that LEVIATHAN will be following along the details set up in INCORPORATED rather than hewing exactly to the “DCNew”, such that they prefer to give the new books some breathing space before releasing any series more tied to old continuity.

    (It strikes me that this also answers the “where is ODYSSEY Part 2?” question — DC obviously wants to have at least about six months or so of only the main new continuity being represented on the stands to cement it in the readers’ imagination before diluting the marketing with the usual quasi-/non-continuity stories(

  3. Still no official word on Morrison’s Superman series, though. Burnham would have been a great choice for that, imho.

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