Just a few weeks after our eyeballs got their first taste of Penny Dreadful comic art, Titan Comics has offered up more to gorge ourselves on! Louie De Martinis, of Heavy Metal fame, shows his work looks just as good in greenish-grayscale as it did in those vivid reds. Check out the pages below to see how the artist captures the austere beauty of the ocean (and series star Eva Green):

Penny Dreadful_1_preview_art_p3

Penny Dreadful_1_preview_art_p4

The series, from writer Krysty Wilson-Cairns, are a prequel to the Showtime television series. The books will detail the origin story for Green’s character Vanessa Ives: namely her childhood friend Mina’s disappearance. Issue #1 hits comic shelves near you May 4th.


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