Marvel began rolling out a new wave of their trademark oblique teasers earlier this week. It began with three on Wednesday, each featuring a different character — Blade, Monica Rambeau/Spectrum, and Wiccan — but the same text: “No Compromise. No Mercy.” Yesterday, they released three more similar teasers featuring, respectively, Angela, Damien Hellstrom, and the Winter Soldier:
Marvel Teaser Angela
Marvel Teaser Hellstorm
Marvel Teaser Winter Soldier
Today, Marvel has released what appears to be the final teaser, which incorporates all of the previously revealed characters and adds a tease-within-a-teaser for a final mystery character.
Marvel Teaser Full Team
Marvel is calling this team their “Newest, Most Ruthless Team.” As we mentioned on Wednesday, that sure looks like Mike Deodato Jr. and Frank Martin artwork in those teasers, but they’re currently working on Savage Avengers, a book about a team that’s already pretty dang ruthless. This new team has their work cut out for them if they want to have less ruths than a team that includes Wolverine and The Punisher and Elektra and Venom.
Also, what do any of these characters have in common? At a glance there seems to be nothing that ties them together. Perhaps the identity of the mystery member will help make it clearer how this new team comes together and what their purpose is.
Who do you think the mystery member is, and what will this new team be called? Like the teasers say, ‘all will be revealed’ next Tuesday, so be sure to check back then.


  1. Blade and Hellstrom are both supernatural characters, I suppose, and possibly Angela and Wiccan might fit in on a team like that, but Monica and Bucky? That’s weird.

  2. These guys don’t have anything to do with one another. And half of them aren’t anything like I’d call “ruthless”. Wiccan is a softie, and Winter Soldier is trying to be more than just a killer.
    I swear to god if they kill Hulkling to get Wiccan onto a ‘ruthless’ team like this I’m dropping the entire Marvel line.

  3. I agree that Bucky seems out of place, but Monica can take down vampires like they’re nothing. Blade should have her on speed dial. (I actually like all these characters, and hope this is something good. Preferably with Al Ewing or Saladin Ahmed writing.)

  4. Hellstorm looks way to much like OG Wally West but that might be me still in my feelings. Still maybe another shot at Thunderbolt or could be something else but I can’t think of a magical team that they all would fit.

  5. Sorry. Working off my limited understanding of their power sets. Didn’t really take their personalities into account, of which my understanding is even MORE limited.

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