Boutique apps for digital comics aren’t the big thing they once were, but they are still out there. Comicker, a website that was introduced earlier this year with five comics series, just launched an iOS app, powered by the Horizon Factory. The app is free; a monthly subscription is $2.99. Comicker series will remain available on Comixology and DriveThruComics, but now you can read them all on your device.

The app launches with a new series, The Lion and the Roc by Kathleen Kralowec. Co-founder Sean E. Williams—along with Saori Adams—notes that the entire creative lineup promotes diversity. “Half of the Comicker Digital series are led by women or persons of color, and a majority have non-white or non-male protagonists.”

Williams, who got the idea after writing the digital only Artful Daggers series for Monkeybrain, spoke about the app with Comicosity:

And that’s always been my M.O. Years ago, I founded a company called Foot in the Door Entertainment, and our mission was to get other Southern California students who had graduated out into the world. We had them send in their scripts and we sent them out to our contacts, because there wasn’t really anything like that for people just after graduation. Unless you know people already, you were basically as well off as when you went into school, but you know how to write.

Comicker is kind of serving that need now, but for comics. There are a lot of people out there who know how to draw a comic or write a story, but they don’t know how to launch a website or publish it themselves on Comixology Submit. We’ll filling a need for creators there, but also with our relaxed schedule, we make it realistic to have a creator-owned series and work your day job. Which, you know, almost everyone has to do.

Here’s a few more images from The Lion and the Roc, a fantasy about mythological beings who take a human under their wing to train her to become a figure of myth in her own right.

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