CBS’ Supergirl is off to a rocking start.  One of the few breakout hits on network television’s fall lineup, the show has made its mark as an all-ages series led by strong, independent, and non-reductive female characters.  Building off the framework the show’s success has provided, today DC announced a digital-first comic, Adventures of Supergirl, set in the same timeline as the CBS show.

The series will be written by Sterling Gates and drawn by a rotating list of artists including BengalJonboy Meyers, Emanuela Lupacchino, and Emma Vieceli.  As per IGN, Bengal will be drawing and coloring the first three issues.

The series is currently slated to run for thirteen issues and will be release bi-weekly on Mondays. This deviation from the standard New Comic Wednesday release, allows DC to capitalize on the audience of the Supergirl TV show, which airs on the same night.

Unlike most DC digital-only series thus far, Adventures of Supergirl will not be physically printed in single issue format.  Instead, a trade that collects the full run will be released upon the series’ conclusion.

The first issue of Adventures of Supergirl debuts January 25, 2016.bengalsupergirl


  1. “Unlike most DC digital-only series thus far, Adventures of Supergirl will not be physically printed in single issue format.” I have no idea what DC’s marketing strategy is — which, I’m assuming, puts me up there with DC’s marketers. NO single-issue format? At a time when books like Ms. Marvel, Batgirl, etc. are bringing in young female fans — and the TV series has a great following — DC is opting for a digital- and trade-only approach? Why? Even if the single issues aren’t huge sellers, they can serve as physical marketing devices to lure people into comic stores, so retailers can show off their various Supergirl product (from whatever era). Has DC just lost it’s will to even compete in the face of a Disney/Star Wars-backed Marvel?

  2. I’m guessing “supergirl” will be back before too long on CBS. I really like the show!

    Bruce Lather

  3. That is a beautiful page! I was really hoping that my daughter would like Supergirl, but so far she deems it “too scary.” Go figure. I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve seen.

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