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DC Comics Announces ADVENTURES OF SUPERGIRL, CBS Series Tie-In Comic

Take flight with DC's new Supergirl Digital Comic, coming early next year!

Reviewed! Every Issue of Villains Month, Week Four

Week four wraps up the review copies, with another slightly-uninspiring collection of comics. The first two weeks definitely felt a little stronger, or perhaps...

Reviewed! Every Issue of Villains Month, Week Two

We head into week two of Villains Month, with thirteen more titles out this week. Ranging from Harley Quinn and The Riddler through to...

DC Cancel Six Titles, Fire More Writers

What a day. It's been revealed that May will see six more DC titles cancelled, being Deathstroke, Hawkman, Team 7, Firestorm, Ravagers, and Sword of Sorcery. Some...