What’s new in Burbank at the DC offices? Well, it seems that the editorial chairs keep on shuffling. A few weeks back all the group editors were reassigned and in recent days there have been a few departures. So let’s round up what we know of the DC Comics editorial changes.

Perhaps most importantly, Pat McCallum, previously the overseer of the entire DCU, has departed. It’s of his own volition, I’m told. The well-liked McCallum was the editor in chief of Wizard Magazine for a while before joining DC at the start of the decade. He later left DC editorial to join Geoff Johns in his TV/Film efforts…but then returned to DC’s print division.

But now he’s gone again.

Multiple sources have also confirmed the departure of Harvey Richards, a long time (20+ years) associate editor. Richards was one of the very few African-American editors at the Big Two and one of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

As we reported earlier this week, editor Rebecca Taylor, formerly in the Bat group, has departed to edit Myriad, Vault Comics’ kids line.

And replacing her, Jessica Chen has been promoted to full editor at the Bat group, moving over from the Superman Group.


All of this follows October’s group editor shuffle which saw Ben Abernathy take over the Bat group, Jamie Rich assigned to Superman group, and Alex Carr to the DCU/JL group (which Marie Javins had briefly headed up.) Carr was formerly editing the wildly successful kids GN line, before joining DC from Amazon’s comics publishing efforts.

Mark Doyle remains in charge of Black Label, and Javins is in charge of whatever they are calling new publishing initiatives these days, as she should be.

Brian Cunningham, a key architect of many of the DC’s events over the last few years, has also been given a new title, that of Senior Story Editor, after formerly heading up the Superman group. Cunningham, another Wizard vet, was to have reported to McCallum…who is now gone.


What do all these DC Comics editorial changes mean? Well, that’s developing, but these kinds of shake-ups are business as usual in these days of increased corporate scrutiny.

For anyone who came in late, this follows a massive reorganization earlier this year that saw the departure of many key executives. With Warner Bros. being acquired by AT&T and title too long to look up Pam Lifford now running the entire division, it’s been an unsettled year, to say the least.

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