Monkeybrain have waited to make their big announcement for SDCC, but today’s the day – the company have announced five new titles, all of which are available for purchase today. Right now. Amongst the announcements are books from Jen Vaughn, Phil Hester, and Tyler Walpole. Also announced is a reprinting of Heartbreakers from Anina Bennett and Paul Guinan.

Here’s a list of the new books and creative teams, all of which are available on ComiXology starting now. Everything is retailing for $.99, aside from the #0 issue of Detectobot which is FREE.


Avery Fatbottom: Renaissance Fair Detective, by Jen Vaughn. Written and drawn by Jen Vaughn, you’ll be hearing more about this book in JUST A SECOND.


Captain Ultimate, by Benjamin Bailey, Joey Esposito, and Boykoesh. A superhero series written by Bailey and Esposito, senior staff members over at


Detectobot by Peter  Timony and Bobby Timony. This will start with a prologue issue #0, before launching into an ongoing afterwards. The prologue will be absolutely free, so you can get a look at the series before you decide if it’s something you’d like to continue on with.


Dropout by Phil Hester and Tyler Walpole.


Heartbreakers by Anina Bennett and Paul Guinan.  Heartbreakers first launched in Dark Horse Presents #35, and will now be reprinted by Monkeybrain. It’s a fondly-remembered series, and another creator-owned series now making its way across to Monkeybrain, following previous work from Kurt Busiek and Steve Lieber.


So that’s four new creator-owned ongoing titles, as well as the new reprinting of Heartbreakers making five. There’s a range of voices there, with a few more new superhero characters showing up to join Edison Rex. Monkeybrain will be discussing all their announcements at a panel later today, from 8-9pm in Room 28DE.