Lucy Mona Tinúviel and Charlie Victor Finrod have been doing their part for storm prep, building up morale among workers and rationing their kibble.

With most of the East Coast shut down, all of the NYC-based comics businesses are closed for the day. Marvel’s daily call is taking place, however, so we’ll have coverage of that if all goes well.

Here at Stately Beat Manor we’re on high ground but only blocks from Zones A and B, with power outages expected later on. We’ll just keep blogging away until the power goes out or the servers go down, so keep sending tips and hints and good wishes.


  1. Stay safe. I hope you folks in the path (and spinning off areas) are not inconvenienced too long. My step-daughter is at Sarah Lawrence college and they’ve closed classes for the next two days and handed out supplies.

  2. Stay safe! Please do not go out “curiosity seeking”! I live in Florida and have seen many a storm and many week-long power outages. Patience and prudence are the best advice I can offer.

  3. Wow somehow I missed the Silmarillion names, those cats have some serious nerd cred. Now my poor cat named Lucius after the Rome series seems so pedestrian. Did you see the construction crane holy crap. Stay away from the windows.

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