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Over at The Nib, Josh Neufeld, the comics laureate of Hurricane Katrina, has stories of Hurricane Sandy one year later.

One year ago tonight, FMB, two young kittens, and I were curled on the sofa listening to the rain and watching the latest episode of The Walking Dead on TV. As the credits rolled there was a flash and the lights went out. For the next four and a half days, we went through an ordeal minor in hindsight (and trivial compared to the horrible hardships and the loss of life and property that so many endured) but still harrowing at the time. Cold dark streets, once familiar, now a scary tundra; an unheated apartment for days (still have that!); canned SpaghettiOs for dinner; the kindness of friends like Josh Frankel, Amy Chu and Nisha Gopalan; good times at a homely house on the border; and drinking PBR by candlelight at the bar at the end of our block just to hide from the storm. And the very Walking Dead-like migration from the cold dark parts of Manhattan to the promised land above 50th Street where life and light and heat remained. I often wonder what would have happened if all of Manhattan had lost electricity for five days. It wouldn’t have been such good memories for sure.

Strange times.

Anyway, please read this comic by Josh, and remember that some people are STILL homeless from Sandy, and the land has been changed forever.Via Matt Bors (whose great work at The Nib deserves a post all its own)

BTW, I am not making any jokes about DC comics staffers because earthquakes are way worse than hurricanes in my humble opinion.


  1. There was electricity above 23rd.
    I was up in the Bronx (I did have some minor flooding from Irene), but actually took a bus to work the next day, and discovered that Union Square was dark, and took the bus right back.

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