Jack Kirby had some imagination, as the first issue of KAMANDI shows. Some of it even came true!


  1. Heh, heh! Well, it looks like Kamandi’s storm surge is a bit higher than 11 feet.

    Based on the height of water around the Empire State Building, the storm surge is about 700 feet high. But based on the height of the water around the Statue of Liberty, the storm surge height is only about 150 feet.

    Then again, maybe the Statue of Liberty is floating. After all, it is positioned near some Manhattan skyscrapers rather than out in the bay.

    Then again, again, maybe artistic license trumps all.


  2. man, those kamandi books were a blast. i especially love how kirby would give some of the animals bronx/brooklyn accents. come to think of it, in almost all of the books that kirby would write and supply the dialogue, he would give at least a couple of the characters bronx/brooklyn accents., didn’t matter if they were from another dimension, or space gods. fun stuff!

  3. Well, microfilm is more archival than digital media. All you need is a magnifying glass and a light source. Even CDs and DVDs decay over time.
    You also don’t need a password to read all the comics stored therein, unlike most digital comics.
    (Yeah, my grade point suffered in high school… I’d be doing research on the microfilm, and lose hours reading all the old funny pages. Especially the weird stuff like Lolly and Laugh-In.)

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