If you are a MoCCA Fest old timer, you remember one of the fun parts of the Puck Building days was that after the show everyone went to Puck Fair, the excellent Irish Bar, across the street and the party continued there. This is a little odd for a New York show since events here are so crowded and spread out that people usually head off to their various parties. When the festival moved to the Lexington Armory, I tried to figure out a place where people could hang out afterwards and the Mad Hatter evolved as the unofficial gathering place.

Next door to the Hatter a very unusual place has opened: Modern Pinball, a retro pinball arcade where you pay a set price and get to play as much pinball as you like on a variety of machines. Its been written up many places and has become quite a hot spot. I was thinking maybe this would be a good leisure activity for MoCCA but it seems that C&B Publisher and Origami Comics have had the same idea, as they will be throwing a party there Saturday, April 5th (NOT SUNDAY AS ORIGINALLY WROTE) of MoCCA. For $10 you get all the pinball you want from 6pm-2am, AND a pinball themed art show.

The Mad Hatter next door will still be the gathering place for food and spirits. They’ve remodelled the place and the menu is MUCH improved. Plus, if you have a wristband from Modern Pinball you get 10% off your food bill. So go play some pinball, then grab some fish and chips then go back and play more pinball.


C&B Publishing and Origami Comics present:
An art show about the connections between Pinball and Comics Curated by Ken Wong and Allan Dorison
On view from March 31 – April 7, 2014
Hosted by Modern Pinball NYC

As art forms, both comic books and pinball machines can be used to tell fun, colorful, action-packed stories. Both are recognized as American inventions (with European antecedents) introduced in the 1930s. At times, each has been accused of contributing to juvenile delinquency but both have since earned recognition and respect as true art forms. Common themes for both comics and pinball include stories based on movies, television shows, sports, music, and even fishing.

The “Modern Pinball” art show explores connections, common themes, and cross- influences between Comics and Pinball.

Artists already confirmed include: Ben Bishop, Christopher Brown, Allan Dorison, Peter Fay , Ray Felix, Jared Gniewek, Ami Gorgoroso , James Jajac, Ken Knudtsen, Zanny Lane, Donna Letterese , Adriano Moraes, Rodney Ramos ,Frank Reynoso, David Tea, Jack Walsh , Vernon Williams, Javier Cruz Winnik, and Ken Wong

“Modern Pinball” Art Opening/ The Unofficial After Party of MoCCA including “Power Draw” Live Costumed Model Sketch Sessions

Saturday, April 5th from 6:00pm until 2:00am Sunday

Modern Pinball NYC
362 Third Ave, New York City
(Just two blocks from 2014 MoCCA Arts Festival)

$10 – Just mention special code word “CB-ORIGAMI” for special discounted admission to April 5th Opening. Price includes unlimited Pinball from 6pm – 2am (Must have wristband for re-entry!)

POWER DRAW: Session One (8-9: pm) Starring Gowanus Pete & Ice Queen (http://www.powerplaycomic.com/)

POWER DRAW: Session Two (9-10pm) Starring members of New York Jedi (www.newyorkjedi.com)


  1. This is a SATURDAY night event (April 5th).

    The artwork will be on display for the week leading up to and including both days of MoCCA Fest but the Unofficial After Party (with special pricing and sketch sessions) is only for SATURDAY, April 5th.

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