Dark Horse Comics has announced the first graphic novel release as part of cartoonist Matt Kindt‘s Flux House imprint. Mister Mammoth is written by Kindt and illustrated by Jean-Denis Pendanx. The noir-infused graphic novel follows a very large detective as he works a case that just might be his last.

Here’s how Dark Horse describes Mister Mammoth:

Mr. Mammoth has solved every case he’s ever had – a perfect record. And he’s the kind of person you don’t forget – a seven-foot-tall pacifist, covered head to toe with an impressive collection of scars he refuses to talk about. 

But he might be losing his edge. This new case has him stumped and his obsession with a soap opera actress might just be…unhealthy. This case might destroy his career, but it might hold the clues that unlock the only real mystery he’s ever cared about…his traumatic childhood and the scars he carries.

Mister Mammoth was originally released by French publisher Futuropolis earlier this year as a series of two volumes. The English translation of the graphic novel will be the U.S. debut for artist Jean-Denis Pendanx, who has illustrated a number of books for various European publishers since his career began in the early ’90s.

Mister Mammoth will be the third release from Kindt’s Flux House imprint, after the currently-running Mind MGMT: Bootleg series and the January-debuting Spy Superb. According to Dark Horse, “Upcoming Flux House publications will take many forms. Matchboxes! Briefcases! Cards!” So that’s something.

Check out a preview of Mister Mammoth below. The hardcover graphic novel is due out in comic shops on Wednesday, March 29th, 2023, and in bookshops on Tuesday, April 11th.