Welcome to this week’s Comics Crowdfunding Round-Up column! It’s a big week for indie, small press, and crowdfunded comics, so it was impossible to narrow the selection down to five awesome projects. So here at Stately Beat Manor, we didn’t even try. Instead, we have six fantabulous crowdfunding projects for you to check out this week from Zoop, Crowdfundr, and Kickstarter! Oh my! Sorry, Halloweenies, these projects aren’t spooky-themed, but they were too damn interesting to pass up passing on to you.

Read on. Each project is Gaz approved.

Theseus: Volume 2 – A Graphic Novel

Theseus Vol 2

Creators: Jordan Holt
Goal: $8,800
End Date: November 17, 2022
Goodies: A discounted bundled with Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, a signed copy of Vol. 2, a sticker pack, a 6″x9″ print, original artwork, a t-shirt, your name printed on the Thank You page in the book, and stretch goals

Theseus is known for defeating the minotaur, but there’s a lot more to his story in this comic retelling. (Vol. 1 here too)

I am growing accustomed to watching these Kickstarter campaign videos, and not all of them make you laugh. Well, Holt made me laugh. And that’s really saying something, because TMI time, my chronic gallbladder issues are acting up today. So hey, if this graphic novel is nearly as funny as the campaign video (which I bet it is), then it’s 101% worth checking out for yourself… Or you can just watch your kids read it from afar. I don’t have kids, but Holt promises that watching your kids read Theseus is as enjoyable as reading it yourself!

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How to Get Out of Detention: A Comic for Immigrant Detainees

Detention Guide

Creators: Jon Sack, Rumbidzai Savanhu, Dominique DuongShazleen Khan, and Sabba Khan
Goal: $28,424
End Date: November 18, 2022
Goodies: “We will print three hard copies of the comic book for each of the seven immigration removal centers to enhance the accessibility of this crucial piece of documentation for immigration detainees across the UK;” but you can also buy a copy and donate a copy, get original Jon Sack art, add your name to the credits or be named as an executive producer, and have a cameo in the comic

Help EachOther & Bail for Immigration Detainees create an accessible version of this crucial resource illustrated by Jon Sack & others

EachOther, a UK charity that uses storytelling, filmmaking, and independent journalism to put the human in human rights, and Bail for Immigration Detainees (BiD), a legal charity that represents people held in immigration detention to secure their release on bail, have teamed up to create an accessible self-help guide for people who BiD is unable to help. The BiD guide is legally required in all detention centers in the UK, and the two organizations believe that a 40-page comic strip version of the 63-page written legal guide would be able to help even more detainees access the essential information.

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Negative Space Comics Anthology

Negative Space

Creators: Max Bare, JJ López, Ace Hetisimer, Fernando PintoAlex DvorakAndy WilliamsAnthony PughBrian Hawkins, Teodoro Leo, Marla EizikJosh SippieCarrie HarrisCaitlin ChappellS.M. MurphyDana OberaDaniel Cvammen, Dennis Manheere, Erin Cooney, Ethan Slayton, Garrett  Ley, Giles Crawford, Grey Allison, Jeremy Colwell, Justin Zimmerman, Matt Harding, Marta Selusi, Mia Torres, Nahuel F.A., Omar Morales, Kelly La Croix, Pete Carlsson, Pablo Andrés, Robby Melendez, and Sarah Adriance
Goal: $9,000
End Date: November 4, 2022
Goodies: PDF of physical print of anthology, retail bundle(s), 2023 competition entries, crowdfunding campaign promotions, two pages of script feedback, 45-minute or 60-minute mentoring sessions from a variety of well-known comics creators and editors, Fernando Pinto or Max Bare commission, JJ López print, and digital commission from Ace Hetisimer

A 150-page collection of short stories from Negative Space Comics competition winners, finalists, mentors, judges, and more! Support this project to gain access to rare opportunities in the add-ons section, including competition entries and one-on-one mentoring sessions with respected comic book industry professionals!

Negative Space Comics is about giving a home to diverse and underrepresented voices in comics, and ooga-chaka, as of 2022, it’s one year old. To celebrate, Negative Space is launching its first-ever anthology featuring its 2022 competition winners, finalists, mentors, and judges, in which the group of creatives was asked to interpret what “negative space” means to them. While this anthology includes industry veterans (some of whom actually mentored the Negative Space 2022 competition winners whose work is included in this anthology), what’s really exciting about this project is that introduces some brand-spanking new creators to the industry. And I don’t know about you, but this writer, and comic book fan, is hungry for some new talent.

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Green Knight Street Fight: In the Alpha Zone

Green Knight

Creators: Hobbes Holluck and Jeremy Vinar
Goal: $3,800
End Date: November 4, 2022
Goodies: PDF or print copy of comic, special edition with concept art and sketchbook section, signed edition, 5″x7″ pencil sketch of the Green Knight, Hobbes Holluck Super Fan Pack, Jeremy Vinar Super Fan Pack, illustration of you as the Green Knight, Green Knight acorn art toy by The Clockwork Ticker, and Ultimate PC Arcade Stick

The Green Knight of Arthurian legend and a band of 12-year-olds from 1992 travel to the future to battle environmental catastrophe.

I know everyone else loved The Green Knight, or at least that’s what Twitter told me, but I thought it was a snore that kind of missed the point. So when I saw this hand-drawn comic pop up on Kickstarter, I thought, “Heck yes, a Green Knight project that I can get behind. Finally.” If you also thought that Adventure Time did a better job at interpreting the Green Knight legend than David Lowery, I think this campaign is for you. In Green Knight Street FightL In the Alpha Zone, the Green Knight of Arthurian legend crashes into an arcade from 1992, aptly named “Court of Camelot” (the sweet, sweet sound of the mall arcade).

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Launch the Sleep Project!

Sleep Project

Creators: Maureen Burdock
Goal: $5,000
End Date: October 31, 2022
Goodies: A Sleepless Planet: An Introduction, Lavender Diva mug, boxed set of illustrated sleep cards, framed and signed “Queen of Less Caffeine” print,

Why do I—and a quarter of people in the industrialized world—suffer from chronic insomnia? Why can’t we sleep? Why has insomnia been called “the woefully ignored Cinderella of medicine”?

I have terrible chronic insomnia—before being diagnosed with endometriosis and chronic pain. In fact, my parents probably have the same image of me as an infant in Germany performing a forensic examination of the contents of a wastebasket instead of sleeping. I am also a big proponent of graphic medicine and anything that explore the science of sleep. Burdock is asking for support to research, draw, and write about several methods (hypnosis, playing the didgeridoo, meditation, Western herbalism, and more) that are thought to help promote better rest and sleep, and I think it would be great to bring this book to all my fellow insomniacs.

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Avery Hill Publishing Spring 2023 Line

Avery Hill 2023

Creators: Nicole GouxK. Briggs, and Ellice Weaver
Goal: $13,567
End Date: November 18, 2022
Goodies: Comics or bundle

Three exciting new books: ‘Pet Peeves’ by Nicole Goux, ‘Macbeth’ by K. Briggs, and ‘Big Ugly’ by Ellice Weaver.

From Avery Hill Publishing comes the first half of its 2023 line of books. As usual, all three books look greeeeeaaaat! All three graphic novels announced by Avery Hill are written by women and non-binary creators, which is a definite plus in the male-dominated world of comics. I am particularly excited for Macbeth, mainly because Briggs is a witch, which should offer an interesting perspective on the Shakespearean tale. Then, it’s no secret that Everyone Is Tulip by Dave Baker and Goux is one of my favorite comics and that I love how traditional inks with a single spot color naturally move the eye across a page, so I am particularly excited about Pet Peeves by Goux.

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