This summer creator Mark Millar is launching a “Big Game” summer event that will see his various Millarworld characters come together in a huge adventure drawn by artist Pepe Larraz. Before that though, Millar and artist Frank Quitely will launch the first issue of The Ambassadors in March with a who’s who of white-hot artists handling each of the six interconnected issues.

Ambassadors Ambassadors

Ambassadors is about ordinary people from around the world and explores what makes a select few worthy of power. The lineup of artists includes: Olivier Coipel, Travis Charest, Matteo Buffagni, Karl Kerschl and Matteo Scalera. The first issue will feature variant covers by Larraz and Gigi Cavenago.

In the press release, Millar described the genesis of the series:

“The idea for this is actually incredibly simple. Superheroes have always felt very American to the rest of the world, but what if the scientist who cracks the super genome is in Asia? What if this genius billionaire Korean girl launches the world’s first real-life super-team from a headquarters in Seoul and it all takes off on the other side of the world with America watching like they watched the USSR putting the first man in orbit? What’s exciting is that this opens us up to doing completely fresh kinds of superhero stories and this one has a Willy Wonka appeal,” said Millar. “This scientist putting out a message to the world to volunteer their services and say why they deserve superpowers. It’s a global competition and only six people will be chosen out of eight billion. It’s worked out GREAT and I’m really excited for people to see this. I started working on it back in 2018 and some of the artists are so brilliant and so committed to their work they’ve spent four years on their single issue. It’s going to blow your socks off when you see this.”


Check out preview art below. The Ambassadors #1 will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, March 29.

Ambassadors Ambassadors Ambassadors Ambassadors Ambassadors