Mark Millar is announcing a slew of Millarworld projects this week, exclusively on CBR, and here’s the long-rumored project with Frank Quitely: JUPITER’S CHILDREN, a 12-issue maxiseries.

Giving up some early details on “Jupiter’s Children,” Millar described the background of the universe fans will be seeing come September. “It opens in France in the 1920s, which immediately for a superhero story is a very different location,” he said. “We start on a bunch of explorers kind of like that opening from ‘King Kong,’ which I love, and they’re doing an exploration of the ancient world – these rich Americans who have put together an expedition to find something you’ll hear about in the story. From those first few pages, and a doomed expedition, we cut to the present day, and they came home from that trip altered and with a plan to save the American idea. In historical context, the Russian revolution is relatively recent and Europe is in a state of turmoil and they’re just on the cusp of the Wall Street Crash so they’ve gone on this trip to try and save America and then we cut to their utterly useless, meandering children in the present day essentially squandering their inheritance. It’s not crass and celebrity focused, although it touches on that stuff. It’s more Shakespearean, with the last of the old heroes, a King Lear figure, watching these teenagers and twenty-something with no altruism whatsoever.”

Much, much more from the voluable Millar in the link.


  1. Don’t get me wrong. I love Quitely’s work, and pretty much buy everything he does.
    But this WILL NOT be out on time (unless its a quarterly book). His last major project, All Star Superman took years to come out – but the plus side was that most were done in one stories. So it was fine. This series won’t be, so they are harder to enjoy.

    I’ll be waiting for trade! :)

  2. I know I’m going to love this, but I will only get it on trade. Have the creators thought about all the people who will wait for the trades, or even a much better HC?