Even if you feel Big Barda does not speak for you, it’s hard to dislike that sweet Bruce Timm cover.

Inside the issue, which is extensively previewed here, we’ll find:

BACK ISSUE #54 (84 page magazine, FULL-COLOR, $8.95) gives equal time to the “Liberated Ladies” of comics, eyeing the female characters that broke barriers in the Bronze Age. Headlining are such fabulous females as Big Barda, Valkyrie, Ms. Marvel, Phoenix, Savage She-Hulk, and the sword-wielding Starfire. There’s also a “Pro2Pro” interview with female creators JILL THOMPSON, GAIL SIMONE, and BARBARA KESEL, discussing their work in comics and beyond over the years. This issue also features art and commentary by JOHN BYRNE, GEORGE PEREZ, JACK KIRBY, MIKE VOSBURG, and more, with a bombastic Big Barda cover by BRUCE TIMM. Back Issue is now in FULL COLOR, and edited by former DC and Dark Horse Comics editor MICHAEL EURY.

84-page FULL-COLOR magazine
Print version: $8.95 cover price
Digital Edition: $2.95