Word on the street of late has been that a female director had been approached to direct the 2017 Gal Gadot Wonder Woman movie. Who could it be? Lena Dunham? Miranda July? Well now a name has emerged and it’s Michelle McLaren. If you’re a fastidious credit watcher you’ve seen McLaren’s name in the credits of The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad. With a resume like that how could she NOT direct a superhero movie? IN particular, she directed some of the most brutal and riveting Breaking Bad episodes, showing she knows her way around a meth lab at least.

Women directing superhero based comic book movies have a track record of exactly 1.5. Lexi Alexander director Punisher War Zone, which has actually become kind of a cult film. Patty Ryan was once supposed to direct Thor 2, but fell out with Marvel before it could get going.

This is all still suppositional, and we haven’t even seen Dawn of Justice yet with Gadot’s first take at Wonder Woman. But McLAren seems like a good name to be attached if you’re going to attach something.

BTW, if you don’t follow Lexi Alexander on twitter you’re missing out on some interesting tweeting.


  1. “Women directing comic book movies have a track record of exactly 1.5.”

    I think you’re forgetting Rachel Talalay’s Tank Girl, which is supposed to have become a cult movie as well.

  2. “Patty Ryan was once supposed to direct Thor 2,”

    Journalism at its finest.

    Anyway, 2.5 (or whatever the actual number is) female directors probably compares well with Hollywood as a whole (6% of the top 250 films of 2013 and four Oscar nominations for director in 86 years).

  3. I wish we all *could* forget the ‘Tank Girl’ movie — not least the employees of ‘Deadline’ magazine who got laid off when it (ahem) tanked.

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