Michel Fiffe (Copra) will be writing, drawing, lettering, and coloring a new miniseries titled G.I. Joe: Sierra Muerte, which is due out from IDW Publishing in spring 2019.

The book, unveiled earlier today through an exclusive announcement with Nerdist, will see the core G.I. Joe team going rogue on a rescue mission, while their enemies over at Cobra weather discord of their own, with a faction there working against Cobra Commander. So yeah, looks like playing by your own rules within whatever structure you’ve come to serve is a throughline here. Also, Storm Shadow goes AWOL and Sierra Muerte (a play on Sierra Madre that changes the second word to death) is a fairly excellent title.

The art, as one expects of a towering talent like Fiffe, is striking and unique, and it features recognizable iconic G.I. Joe characters, including Snake Eyes, Lady Jaye, Scarlett, Gung-Ho, Flint, Baroness, Destro, and others. “Love and loss, combat and cunning, cheap laughs and high stakes – this is everything I want in a G.I. Joe comic,” Fiffe told Nerdist.

This is basically a nigh-perfect and wild pairing of creator and franchise, one that probably would have never occurred to me but now that it’s here, I’m kicking myself for not having seen the potential sooner. More preview art from Nerdist is below:


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