No one is quite sure how the Miami Book Fair International—held in a city known for its wild and crazy lifestyle—got to be the biggest book festival in the US, but…it’s true and probably has something to do with the tireless and hard-working staff that puts the event together, and the great authors who show up. This year’s event will be held Nov. 17-24 at Miami Dade MDC’s Wolfson Campus. The event always features many comics related guests, and this year is no exception, with Gene Luen Yang, Lucy Knisley, Pete Bagge, Ariel Schrag, Rep. John Lewis and others on hand.

Paul Pope has contributed the poster for the Kids Programming section of the event, and it features Battling Boy, star of his new GN. I think it’s a nice image to end the comics week on, don’t you?

[via Robot 6]


  1. And in related news, the Brooklyn Book Festival is this weekend, as is the Library of Congress National Book Festival in DC.

    Graphic Novels & Science Fiction
    Lynda Barry
    Fred Chao
    Jonathan Hennessey
    Gilbert Hernandez
    Jaime Hernandez
    Elizabeth Moon
    Festival Artist

  2. Miami Book Fair is one of the best run shows in North America. If you look at the roster of speakers for each year of the show, you’ll see it includes Nobel, Pulitzer, and National Book Award winners as well as Harvey and Eisner winners. I’ve worked with them over the years and it is an amazing organization. Lissette Mendez is the person who lines up all the speakers and you can bet she’s also read your book. The master architect of the show is Mitchell Kaplan, owner of Books and Books in Coral Gables(and 4 other locations). He partnered with the Dean of Miami Dade College to create an event that has traditional publishing houses lobbying to get their authors placed in. Should you ever get invited to speak at this show, I dont care what event you have on your calendar, accept the invite to the Miami Book Fair. It’s well worth the trip.

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