Bucking the trend of over a decade, a Gwinnett County judge has ruled that Dragon*Con co-founder Ed Kramer will have to stay in jail until trial in December, the Gwinnett Daily Post reported. Kramer has sued to be released on habeas corpus, but “After having heard evidence and argument of counsel, the Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus is Dismissed and Denied,” the judge wrote.

Kramer has been charged with child molestation for over a decade but has successfully been able to avoid standing trial on the charges by claiming ill health and other complicated legal maneuvering. Despite the ill health, Kramer has been able to travel to Connecticut and Jerusalem in the intervening years.

Although he is a co-founder of Dragon*Con, Kramer was removed as a partner and from receiving any of the money from the show earlier in the year.

Kramer’s trial is set for December 2nd.


  1. I look forward to the day this POS is flushed down the toilet of the American Justice System, as broken and dysfunctional as it is…

  2. Can we wait until he’s convicted before we call him “pig monster” and have orgasms over the thought of shooting him? This is the Internet at its worst.

  3. It isn’t the Internet at its worst until some compares him to Hitler. Coming in 5…4…3…2…

  4. Some newspapers disable reader comments for crime stories, especially if the story involves a sex crime. Otherwise, people post their fantasies of castrating and torturing the accused in very graphic terms.

  5. The internet at its worst is when people come on and defend someone who we all know is guilty but hasn’t yet been officially declared so. Child molesters are the low of the low and yet because he isn’t guilty on paper the weak kneed left loving hippies of the internet come out to chastise others for calling him a pig.

  6. An innocent man does not dodge and work the system for over a decade, an innocent man goes into court and proves his innocence as soon as he can. This piece of crap, l won’t insult an animal species by calling him a pig, does not deserve to live. END.

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