What a time to be alive!

If you follow The Beat on twitter you know half our tweets aren’t about comics at all, but rather the chronicle of being a Mets fan, an activity that makes for years of sorrow and frustration capped by a year of joy every 15 years or so. Call it delayed gratification.

Last year the Mets made it to the World Series before succumbing to the relentless rat-a-tat attack of the KC Royals. One of their key weapons: 6’6″ pitcher Noah Syndergaard, whose flowing blond locks and 100 mph fastball added up to give him the nickname Thor. It’s a persona he embraces, walking out to the mound to the strains of Game of Thrones, and often posing with a large hammer.

But today, he took it to 11.

Trailed by SNYtv cameras, Syndergaard donned a Thor costume and wandered the city, striking a pose with his fellow Times Sq. entertainers, and petting cute pooches along the way. True, the costume was not highest quality; perhaps next time a cosplay expert can be enlisted for the foray.

In spring training Thor made headlines when he ambled up to practice on a horse; this stunt topped even that. While Syndergaard hasn’t quite reached the nerd level of former mets pitcher R.A. Dickey, who named his bats after obscure swords from Tolkien, he has been tweeting his theories about Game of Thrones, and seems to have at least basic comics character knowledge. So, one of us.

If you’re wondering why The Beat likes baseball so much, it’s because of all these random things that show character. It’s easy to root for a team when they love their fans and community this much. Add in that 100+ mph fastball and it’s even easier.


  1. Oh lordy, when Heidi’s love of comics meets Heidi’s love of the Mets.

    For real though, you gotta love him embracing the nickname like this.

  2. Thor was the only Mets superhero to smite the Royals in the Series last year! Let’s hope one of his Asgardian superpowers is avoiding Tommy John surgery! LGM (Let’s Go Mets AND Let;’s Go Marvel!)

  3. Of course Thor is going to say it just got away from him. He got tossed from the game, if he says he was throwing at Utley he’d have a suspension tagged on. Is it possible he really just had one slip? Sure, but it would have to be one of the biggest cooincidences ever that it just so happened to be Utley who it happened to. I mean, had he had one slip against anyone else, no biggie and he doesn’t get tossed.

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