Speaking of conventions and their spread, the MCM Comic Con brand is expanding to Germany and Belgium. Currently MCM holds shows in London, Telford, Birmingham Manchester, Belfast, DublinGlasgow, Stockholm and Malmo, so they already have quite a global reach.

The MCM Expo Group will stage MCM Hannover Comic Con on June 4-5 at Hannover Messe in Hanover, Germany, followed June 11-12 by MCM Belgium Comic Con at Brussels Expo in Brussels, Belgium. The official announcements will be made Wednesday and Thursday in each city at press conferences attended by veteran Iron Man artist Bob Layton.

“The new Hannover and Belgium Comic Cons are the first to be launched under our ‘MCM Central’ brand, announced earlier this month,” Bryan Cooney, MCM managing director, said in a statement. “They mark the first stage of our accelerated growth plan for 2016 and beyond, which will see MCM broaden its U.K. offerings and roll out events across mainland Europe.”

I’ve never been to an MCM show but they seem to be a well-run, consistent mix of the usual nerdlebrity/cosplay suspects but with an actual comics presence. In other words, comic-cons.

The comic-con brand is spreading everywhere in the world. ReedPOP now has events in London, Shanghai, Paris, Vienna, Germany, India, Jakarta, Singapore, and Australia. Wizard World has also expanded in to China—although with their financial woes this no longer looks like the sure thing it was. However, nerd events seem to do well even in tough times, so that might surprise us as well.

 BTW if anyone wants me as a guest at any of these cons, I’m ready to roll!