Thrillingly, two of the best minds in comics will be teaming up this September for a new four-issue Marvel miniseries, called Infinity: The Hunt. Announced on CBR, this appears to be a contest comic similar to Avengers Arena, only without all that Tumblr-scarring murder.


Matt Kindt will write this miniseries, whilst Steven Sanders will draw it. Riffing on the old theme of the Contest of Champions, it looks as though the book will see  Thanos arrive on Earth and promptly demand that a series of contests are fought between various students living in the Marvel Universe. Schools have apparently been set up all around the globe – from Latveria to Wakanda – and will see their students take part in this Thanos-demanded tournament.

Characters including Shuri, Quentin Quire, and 15 new Kindt creations will all take part in the contest, overseen by She-Hulk, Wolverine, and Hank Pym. Presumably the winner gets something nice from Thanos. A trophy, perhaps! The CBR piece doesn’t explain the title whatsoever, so it’s very difficult to know what exactly The Hunt is meant to be.

At any rate, let’s focus away from the context of the book and onto the content — this is a book written by Matt Kindt and drawn by Steven Sanders. That’s the selling point here. Both creators have found significant success this year, with Kindt’s MIND MGMT series put into pre-production by Ridley Scott for a film adapation. Meanwhile, Sanders’ Symbiosis project found funding through Kickstarter, and is currently in production.

Having the pair collaborating on this project is massively exciting! And it’ll be even more exciting once somebody explains what the project is.


  1. I’d really like to get excited, because I do like teen heroes. But I tend to read more for characters than for creators at the Big Two, and all that 15 new (presumably) kid characters mean given how things have gone lately is that we’re previewing the next batch of wallpaper/cannon fodder. Fingers crossed, expectations guarded.

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