After two games spent with Batman and chums, this year sees Lego turn their attention to Marvel’s roster of heroes. Coming later this year, Lego Marvel Super Heroes will feature all kinds of characters, and Marvel have released a whole load of screenshots showing off one of the many locations in the game – Asgard.


As you can see from these pictures, we’ve got Captain America, Johnny Storm, Wolverine and Thor all running about in the nicely mocked-up locale, along with Loki, The Destroyer, Reed Richards and Iron Man (in a number of different suits).


As far as I’m aware, Lego haven’t been unveiling characters for the game – they’ve just sort of shown up in screenshots, and that’s how we know they’ll be appearing. Spider-Man, Nick Fury, Venom and Black Widow are some of the other characters already confirmed to be showing up.


There’s not been any word on the X-Men yet, however. They haven’t shown up as actual Lego collectables yet, either. Are they too complicated and varied to include in the game?


It all looks very nice, anyway.