Marvel is getting all cosmic with the looming threat of Thanos in the second Avengers movie, and in the run up to it, the new Infinity comic will reintroduce the weirder side of the Marvel U, with the Inhumans mixing it up weith Thanos in a saga penned by Jonathan Hickman (Avengers, Avengers VS. X-Men) and illustrated by Jim Cheung (Avengers: Children’s Crusade) Jerome Opena (Avengers, Uncanny X-Force), and Dustin Weaver (Avengers, Uncanny X-Men). Infinity kicks off with a Free Comic Book Day preview and then as a six issue mini-series in August.

“I’m very excited about Infinity for a number of reasons,” said Hickman. “First, I think it’s wonderful that the story is coming organically out of what’s been going on during Marvel NOW!. Things that we’ve seen unfold in Avengers, New Avengers, Thanos Rising, Guardians of the Galaxy, and others are the catalyst for Infinity. And second, for me personally, Infinity is the first big step in a series of big steps that make up the long term plans for the Avengers books I have the privilege of writing. It should be a lot of fun.” 

And what is that long term plan? With an Inhumans movie almost certainly on the horizon, and Guardians of the Galaxy already in the works, those of you who thought they would never see Karnac on the screen may just be surprised.

Hickman, Axel Alonso and Tom Brevoort will participate in a fan chat tomorrow April 2 at 2 pm EDT. More info here.




  1. I’m having a rather hard time imagining an Inhumans movie. My first thought is something like a cross between the Asgard scenes in Thor and Nightbreed.

  2. “Jerome Opena, and Dustin Weaver” – Uh, who does this leave on the Avengers title? Because Mike Deodato has permanently moved over to New Avengers (from my understanding.) And so far, the only remaining artist from Avengers is Andy Kubert, who put out the worst art of all the rotating artists’ work on Avengers so far. I pray he doesn’t take over the title during this mini. Marvel is always doing this. “Hey, we’ve got a great thing going, let’s remove the cool creative teams and put them on crappy event minis! We’ll kill two books with one move!”

    Sorry, just ranting.

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