And speaking of the Center for cartoon studies, perusing their front page there’s some unbelievably exciting news on a variety of fronts, including news that Jon Chad has been accepted into the US astronaut program, and news of the CCS kickboxing team triumphing over Dartmouth. What caught our eye was the news that after vewing the CCs movie, a producer thinks White River Junction would be a great setting for a reality tv series. The ‘Junc?

Charismatic and talented young people chasing their dream? Check. A picturesque, isolated location? Check. Mounting pressure and plenty of deadline challenges? Check. After the documentaryCartoon College caught a television producer’s eye, NBC exec Miles Bradford knew he had all the elements for a hit show.

Frankly, we’d be more interested in a ghost hunt set in the Coolidge Hotel but, you never know.


  1. Living in Vermont I am familiar with both CCS and White River Junction. When I saw this and though “there is no way they would make that show”…
    if you didn’t, click through to CCS page and “read more” about the story. Best all day!

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