The undead inhabitants of the Marvel Universe are about to make their return. Marvel has released a teaser for a new Marvel Zombies title to be released in October. With a tagline of “The Dead Will Walk Again,” the teaser features art by Inhyuk Lee of zombified versions of Captain America, Deadpool, and Wolverine in all their decomposing glory.

Marvel Zombies Teaser

It’s unclear if this will be a new miniseries or simply a one-shot, but the book’s October release will time it nicely with Halloween. It’s also no huge surprise that Marvel would bring back their zombie series, given the surprise success of DCeased, DC’s own version of a zombie story.

The Marvel Zombies made their debut in Ultimate Fantastic Four #21, tricking the Ultimate version of Reed Richards into giving them access to the Ultimate universe. They appeared in a few arcs of that series before spinning off into their own miniseries, which debuted in 2005. They’ve since starred in a handful of mini-series (including a Secret Wars tie-in), a few one-shots, and even a crossover miniseries with Ash Williams and the Army of Darkness.

Look for more info on the return of the Marvel Zombies as it becomes available, and keep an eye out for the book to hit stores in October.