All week Marvel has been teasing their New York Comic-Con announcements with one word teasers. Just how much can be gleaned from a word and a font treatment depends on how closely you follow Team Marvel, but we’ve been making some guesses.



First up come two teasers from Brian Michael Bendis, which I reckon would indicate a crossover between All-New X-Men and Guardians of the Galaxy. This’d centre around Jean Grey, because that’s the basis of 96% of all X-Men storylines, and would see the X-Men answering for the whole ‘breaking the timeline’ business that got into a short while ago.

When the books were first announced, Bendis spoke often in interviews that GOTG would be affected by the timeline changing in All-New X-Men, and the former title recently featured a big splash page which snuck Jean into proceedings. So this seems set to be that storyline coming into place.



Mindbubble already seems to be partially announced. This is apparently relating to a character Rick Remender created for Captain America, a villain called Doctor Mindbubble. He heads up the opposite of Weapon Plus, which is called Weapon Negative. And if that dynamite piece of punning doesn’t have you onboard, then, well. Expect more of that comedy at NYCC.



Rad! seems to be the most obvious one of the lot, being a reference to The Silver Surfer, whose name is Norin Radd. Dan Slott being onboard the title is interesting, as he’s repeatedly made it clear that he only really has time in his schedule to handle the Spider-Man franchise right now. The only thing that could explain this apparent Silver Surfer comic would be if he was at “the end” of Superior Spider-Man…


Aha! Curioser and curioser. Although Superior Spider-Man doesn’t have any purple in his costume, Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales certainly does…



Peter David’s got something in the works, as I’ll tell you in ridiculous details if you follow through on this link. But I’m fairly certain this is going to be X-CORPORATION, the slightly militant international branch of the X-Men. Previous versions of this team featured familiar characters like Feral, Madrox, Siryn and others. But you know who else was on that team? DARKSTAR. Maybe this is a DARKSTAR series, with DARKSTAR in the leading role?

You know, this seems more and more likely. This is going to be a book all about DARKSTAR, and I won’t hear another word about it.

(Unless that word is DARKSTAR)


  1. Here’s hoping Dan Slott isn’t leaving Spider-Man. Can’t wait to see how Peter Parker cleans up the mess Doc Ock left for him.

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