Could Marvel be planning a Civil War II to tie in with next spring’s Captain America: Civil War film which will presumably embroil the Marvel cinematic universe in a friend against friend fight?


That’s why retailer Ryan Higgins suggests of the post card he received today.

Civil War, the original, ran in 2006-07 and creators Mark Millar and Steve McNiven managed to create a very durable parable about the aftermath of 9/11 that remains among Marvel’s best sellers to this day, unlike many of the event comics that would follow.

It also ran very late as I recall, and McNiven was allowed to finish the whole thing because it was decided the integrity of the mini series was more important than timely shipping. Not unlike Esad Ribic’s work on Secret Wars, which is running several months late.

The film is expected to pick up the Captain America vs Iron Man conflict (aka freedom vs safety) that field the comic. Maybe in all new all different post battle world Marvel there is still something to squabble about?

Or just a fake out from Marvel.