Apparently, the last two X-Men will be Cyclops and Wolverine, or at least one can presume as much based on a new cover for February’s Uncanny X-Men #12.

Marvel released the cover Thursday for the book, which is by writer Matthew Rosenberg and artist Salvador Larroca. Said cover (as you can surely see below) shows a grim-faced Wolverine brandishing his claws above type reading The Last X-Men, while behind him Cyclops unleashes both a clenched fist and a massive optic blast into the sky. It should maybe be noted that as recently as six months ago both of these “last “ X-Men were “dead,” and also that there are literally 10 issues of Uncanny X-Men remaining between now and the story behind this cover. Timeline hi-jinx seem likely, especially given how prominently characters like Bishop and Dark Beast featured into yesterday’s latest Uncanny X-Men #1.

Uncanny X-Men #11 is also due out in February. That one is titled Devastation. Both books follow a 10-part weekly series called Disassembled, which began yesterday and is written by Rosenberg along with Kelly Thompson, Ed Brisson, and a crew of rotating artists.

Anyway, happy reading, X-fans.


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