Marvel Comics has released a teaser image for Uncanny X-Men #11, the first issue of the relaunched series after the weekly 10-part “Disassembled” storyline. The tagline for the next storyline is simple enough: “Devastation”. The art by Salvador Larroca features Cyclops kneeling amidst the rubble of the Xavier Institute, the ghosts of the ’90s X-Men looming in the background.

The weekly “Disassembled” storyline is being written by the team of Matthew Rosenberg, Kelly Thompson, and Ed Brisson, and illustrated by a rotating crew of artists including Mahmud Asrar and R.B. Silva. The teaser image indicates a change in the writing approach post-“Disassembled,” with only Rosenberg’s name listed. The art for Uncanny X-Men #11 will be by Salvador Larroca, who’s no stranger to drawing the X-Men, having worked on them extensively in the early 2000s.

Check out the teaser image below. Uncanny X-Men #11 is due in stores in February.

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