At the most recent “Make Mine Marvel” panel at this weekend’s Fan Expo Dallas, Marvel Entertainment announced that artist/writer Patrick ‘Pat’ Gleason has signed an exclusive agreement with the publisher. Gleason’s first work for Marvel will be art for a short story in an upcoming issue of The Amazing Spider-Man. On Twitter, Gleason announced that he would be Spidey’s new full-time regular artist, though the text of Marvel’s announcement makes it sound like he may just be joining the webslinger’s art crew, which currently includes Ryan Ottley and Humberto Ramos.

Gleason’s only previous Marvel work appears to have been a Brian K. Vaughan-written issue of X-Men Unlimited from 1999. The creator has spent the majority of his career at DC Comics, with extended art runs on titles like AquamanGreen Lantern Corps, the New 52 iteration of Batman & Robin, and the Rebirth Superman title. Gleason also co-wrote much of his run on Superman with frequent collaborator Peter J. Tomasi, as well as solo-writing and drawing the Damien Wayne-starring Robin: Son of Batman series. Most recently Gleason was tapped as the artist for Brian Michael Bendis’s Young Justice series, which launched DC’s Wonder Comics imprint. Gleason only drew one full issue of that series plus a handful of pages in issues two through five, and DC announced at this year’s Emerald City Comic Con that artist John Timms would be taking over full-time duties on Young Justice.
Check out some new Marvel promo art by Gleason, as well as the full text of Marvel’s official announcement, below. Amazing Spider-Man #25, Gleason’s first work as a Marvel-exclusive artist, goes on sale in July.

New York, NY—May 5, 2019—Marvel Entertainment is excited to announce that artist Pat Gleason will bring his distinctive style and ideas to Marvel in an exclusive agreement!

One of the most versatile creators in the comic industry, Gleason has lent his talent to numerous DC, Marvel, and Image properties over the years, helping to produce multiple New York Times best-selling books including Batman And Robin, Aquaman, Green Lantern Corps, JLA, and Welcome To The Working Week with Patton Oswalt.

Gleason, known for his striking dynamic art style, will be joining the incredible family of Spider-Man artists on today’s titles to bring the Marvel Universe to life, starting with a short story in Amazing Spider-Man #25 in July!

“Pat and I started our comic book careers together almost two decades ago, and ever since joining Marvel, he’s an artist I’ve been dying to work with here, to have him draw our incredible characters,” said Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski. “I’m thrilled that the stars have now aligned and Pat’s joined us in the hallowed halls of the House of ideas. Trust me, the contributions he’s going to make to our comics are going to mind-blowing!”

“I am so pumped to be joining the Marvel family as a newly exclusive artist and writer,” said Gleason. “C.B. and everyone at Marvel have been so welcoming and enthusiastic about what we are going to do together, and it’s been nothing short of awesome! Since I was a kid, I’ve dreamed of working with their iconic, and now world-renowned heroes. It’s exhilarating at this point in my career to reach a new high point, and to be drawing the Amazing Spider-Man! I can’t wait for fans of the Marvel Universe to see the crazy and exciting comics we’re going to make together!”

Inaugurating his announcement at the Marvel Comics: Make Mine Marvel panel at Fan Expo Dallas, Gleason went on to reveal his take on the Marvel Universe with stunning new art, reflecting some of Marvel’s most highly-anticipated and iconic characters from Marvel’s current and upcoming titles for the year.

In the coming months, Marvel will reveal more of Gleason’s exciting work.


  1. Good for him. DC has been more than happy to waste his talents after Bendis and his friends showed up. If Spider-Man wasn’t twice monthly, I’d love to read a monthly Spider-Man series drawn by Pat Gleason.

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