At Jim Lee and Dan DiDio’s first panel of NYCC 2018, writer Brian Michael Bendis officially announced that he will be curating a line of comics featuring the younger characters of the DC Universe, in the form of “Wonder Comics”. The opening issues for the imprint will include a reuniting of Young Justice, a Wonder Twins series, and – yes – the return of Conner Kent.

As Alex Lu reported in his liveblog of the panel, this will be a YA-focused series of titles which will be part of regular DC continuity, and will focus on the teenage heroes of the DC Universe. New and returning characters will be a big part of the launch, with a new character called “Teen Lantern” making an appearance alongside the newest iteration of Dial H For Hero.

Young Justice will act as a de facto flagship for the line, written by Bendis with art from Patrick Gleason, with a team made up of Bart Allen’s Impulse, Conner Kent’s Superboy, and a Tim Drake Robin leading the team. That’s all boys, as you’ll have noticed – more on that in a minute.

Naomi – no, you’re right not to have heard of her, she’s a new creation – will get her own series co-written by Bendis and David Walker, with art from Jamal Campbell. Mark Russell and Stephen Byrne will be the team for a Wonder Twins series, with Sam Humphries and Joe Quinones team for the latest revival of Dial H for Hero.

Those four books will form the first wave of Wonder Comics, so let’s talk about it: there’s no women here. No female writers, no female artists. It’s a boy’s club right now, and although it’s likely we’ll see the second wave bring in female creative talent… why aren’t they part of the initial announcement? All very well and good having female leads like Naomi, but wouldn’t it be better if they were written by women?

The first series, Young Justice, starts in January.


  1. Thank you for mentioning the lack of women creatives in this whole new line being announced. It’s pretty disapointing we still get announcements like this.

  2. Fascinating how the announcement article here also insinuates ill will on the behalf of DC. I guess we’re back to making sure every creative endeavor has to check off all the right boxes.

  3. “All very well and good having female leads like Naomi, but wouldn’t it be better if they were written by women?”

    Depends on the writer.

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