One of the most frequent criticisms from fans regarding the launch of Marvel Legacy is the lack of new blood in any of its continuing ongoing titles. Well, looks like fans will be pleased to hear that not only is Donny Cates (God Country, Redneck) attached to take over the Doctor Strange title when it reverts back to issue #381 in November, but has also signed an exclusive agreement.

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In addition to his creator owned work, Cates has had various Marvel assignments in the past, most recently co-writing Captain America: Steve Rogers #18 with Nick Spencer.

Joining Cates on the book will be artist Gabriel Hernandez Walta and colorist Jordie Bellaire. Both worked on the recently acclaimed Vision book, so you know Doctor Strange is going to be one of the best drawn books during Marvel Legacy.

Could this be the first of more new talent at Marvel to combat recent criticisms of stagnation in the books and inject new life?

Marvel Entertainment is excited to announce that writer Donny Cates, who has brought his talent to comic powerhouses such as Image (God Country, Redneck), IDW (Star Trek), and Dark Horse (The Paybacks, Ghost Fleet, Buzzkill), will now bring his explosive storytelling to Marvel in an exclusive agreement.

“I’ve wanted to write for Marvel since I was a little kid, so the opportunity to come into this incredible world and play with all of these amazing characters is a dream come true for me,” said Cates. “Everyone at Marvel has been great to work with, and we’ve put our collective heads together to make some really special stories for the fans. I’ve never been more excited to tell the stories that I’m telling today. I feel like a kid again. Albeit a kid who is inflicting…just terrible things upon all your favorite characters.”

Today, Marvel can also reveal that Cates, along with artist Gabriel Hernandez Walta, will be the new creative team on DOCTOR STRANGE taking over the title in November. And with this new team comes a new Sorcerer Supreme- Loki, the Norse god of Mischief!

“There’s a new sheriff in town…and he’s not really the trustworthy type,” Cates teased. “That’s right, kids…Loki has taken the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme from our good Doctor! What does that mean for Stephen? And what lengths will Strange go to see his title and his home returned to him? I’ll say this….you can guess all you like, but there is absolutely no way anyone will see the answers to these questions coming. As a dedicated Marvel fan myself, I can confidently say the events of this arc are some of the most shocking things in Marvel comics to date. I’m so excited to see what everyone thinks!”

Exclusively at Marvel, Cates is prepared to bring his powerhouse ideas and sharp approach to the heroic, well-known characters of the Marvel Universe.

“Donny brings big ideas to the table, and that’s going to be immediately apparent in his first projects,” said Marvel EIC, Axel Alonso.  “We expect him to be a major contributor to the Marvel Universe’s evolution in the coming year…and beyond.”

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  1. This is great to hear. I’m not the biggest Marvel fan, but solid steps like hiring good writers for good books will keep me interested in sampling their material. I will definitely sample an arc of this series so long as Marvel doesn’t go for a death of magic type story again.

  2. Not familiar with Cates’ work, but Walta just keeps getting better. And it’s always fun to see Loki weaseling his way into someone else’s shtick.

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