In what’s going to be a test of “Legacy,” I see that Donny Cates and Gabriel Hernandez Walta are taking over Doctor Strange, a title that’s strayed pretty far from it’s roots.  If you didn’t stick with Doctor Strange very long with the Aaron/Bachalo version (and the sales estimates suggest many people didn’t), the second arc was a rehash of “No More Mutants” where some inter-dimensional invaders ate most of the magic, depowering many of the magical characters, so Doctor Strange has been running around with a battle axe, unable to cast many spells.  Not particularly recognizable if your only exposure to Doctor Strange was the movie or pretty much any other version of the comics.  Loki is supposedly going to be the new Sorcerer Supreme, so this could well be a quest to fix the character regain his magic skills.  While they don’t have a new version of Doctor Strange to contrast with the original, it’s a character that’s changed a lot in the last couple years, so it should be pretty obvious how serious they are about getting back to basics in this instance.

The Netflix Trollhunters series is getting a graphic novel from Dark Horse.  Due out in February ’18, it will co-written by executive producer Marc Guggenheim and Richard Hamilton with art by Timothy Green II.  For those keeping score at home, that two Guggenheim announcements so far, as he was just announced as writer on the Swords of the Swashbucklers revival.

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Know something about UK politics?  If so, here’s your big chance to get in an anthology about Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn:

  • The comic can be a minimum of one panel and a maximum of three pages long
  • It can be created in black-and-white or in colour
  • Page dimensions are 170mm x 240mm in size
  • Submissions are welcomed from published and unpublished creators of all nationalities
  • Submissions must be sent to [email protected] (using the subject heading “The Corbyn Comic Book”) no later than Wednesday 9th August 2017.

Full details at

Valiant has offered some preview pages and a whole bunch of covers for Ninjak #0, wherein writer Matt Kindt and artist Francis Portela delve into Ninjak’s past as a jumping on point ahead of Ninjak #1

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