A few things we’re seeing from orbit while on Monitor Duty in The Beat Watchtower:

  • The Marvel solicitations for October do not seem to have an issue of Captain America scheduled.  And Sam Wilson is now the Falcon again, not Cap.  Is Marvel saving something for a surprise reveal?  Does the character need a rest after Secret Empire?  All is not clear.
  • Is that Garth Ennis and Goran Parlov back on Punisher?  Yes, it is.  And Punisher: Platoon is a MAX title, so I think we might have an honest to goodness “legacy” title here.
  • The Hollywood Reporter has a sneak peak of “Kid Lobotomy,” the title Peter Milligan and Tess Fowler are doing for Shelly Bond’s “Black Crown” imprint at IDW.  Look for a SDCC subplot of Black Crown and Berger Books showing off their wares and we’ll see if there’s a Vertigo announcement to counter.
  • Image has announced Steve Skroce is back with a fantasy title called “Maestro” launching in October.  If the insides are as nice as the cover, it’s going to get some attention.