After a teaser-less weekend, Marvel Comics is at it again with another promotional puzzle piece for Incoming!, the December-shipping one-shot that sets up the publisher’s next big event. The latest image features a group of heroes kicking back and watching some television:

In an image by an unidentified artist, that’s (from left to right) Viv Vision, Ms. Marvel, Brawl, Spider-Man, Nova, and Ironheart, aka The Champions. They appear to be gathered in someone’s house, and they’re all reacting with…let’s say dismay to something happening on TV. On-screen, an unknown, suited white man stands at a podium. Perhaps our heroes are upset that he’s doing the Vulcan Salute wrong. “A Titanic Division” reads the text above the puzzle piece, which is interesting because the heroes don’t necessarily appear divided in this image. Aside from being a clever allusion to the Champs being Marvel’s equivalent of the Teen Titans, the most ‘Titanic division’ I can think of is when the ship of the same name split in half after hitting an iceberg, so that’s probably not a good sign for the kids.

There’s really no telling at this point how this piece of the puzzle relates to the others that’ve been released so far. Those images put the spotlight on the X-Men, a potential murder mystery, and a character who may or may not be Hulkling but who’s set to unite…someone. It stands to reason that things would need to be divided before they can be united, though, so maybe whatever divides the Champions will divide the other heroes of the Marvel U as well, and only Hulkling will be able to unite them? I don’t know, I’m not really buying that, either.

We’ll find out more as additional pieces of the puzzle are released, so check back for those. Published by Marvel Comics, Incoming! is due out in December.