Confirming the hints and warnings that had been drifting around of late, the 53 debuting Legacy titles from Marvel will have LENTICULAR variants. The animated gifs that showed classic Marvel moments melding into sometimes not entirely connected new versions that went out with the PR had vision of lenticular covers dancing in everyone’s head…and Marvel has obliged us.

Lenticulation (if that is a word)- an image that shifts as you move your perspective – is a technique familiar to children of all ages, seen in tchochkes from old Crackerjack toys, to children’s books, to even comic book covers. DC blew the doors off with their own lenticular covers a while ago, and Marvel could not resist.

For it is indeed a LEGACY. A line that will remind you of the great characters of the past and present, as well as the great cover gimmicks of the past and present.

The price for these new collectibles has not yet been revealed. When it is, expect Xavier Lancel to have some primo “Alors!” as commentary.

The biggest stories and most epic team-ups come to MARVEL LEGACY this fall, and now you can hold the past and the future in your hands! Today, Marvel is proud to announce that all of the Marvel Legacy homage variants will be available as lenticular covers – a true celebration of Marvel’s history and expansive universe!

As seen on Newsarama, all of Marvel Legacy’s homage variants were previously unveiled, showcasing the new Marvel Legacy line-up and classic covers of the past. Don’t miss your chance to own a part of Marvel history – enhance your collection with all of Marvel Legacy’s lenticular covers, coming to comic shops this fall. As these will have limited quantities available, be sure to check with your local comic shop retailer to secure your copy!





  1. “Don’t miss your chance to own a part of Marvel history”

    By being the catalyst which causes the market to crash again?

  2. Worked for The Button since there were only 4 issues and it’s been a while since DC last used the gimmick.

    Line-wide, though?

  3. DC did it twice in the new 52 run. But they actually seemed special. Villains Month and Futures End. Pretty much all self contained stories. (yes, most were done-in-one stories).

    But Marvel putting them on the ‘first issue’ relaunch of Legacy seems tacky and desperate. And the fact they are only mentioning it now, and not when the cover were rolled out, is odd. Like they only just decided, because none of the other ‘hype’ was working.

    I guess the only thing to wait on is the price of them. DC’s were $4 …. wanna bet Marvel’s will be $5 or $6?

  4. A pathetic attempt to salvage a once proud legacy. It just reeks of desperation. Marvel will never come back, and that is a sad thing indeed…..

  5. Yeah, DC did it during New 52 and we all saw how that eventually turned out. DC’s publishing strategy was pretty much just event and cover gimmicks. Hence, the need for Rebirth.

  6. I can’t tell a lie, cover enhancements warm my 90’s fanboy heart. I was new to comics at 10/11 when every damn cover had a gimmick and I loved it.
    Holograms, die cuts, even a chromium cover for the Alan Moore penned Wildcats #25! Although it didn’t quite have the wow factor as a cover, the print job on the fold out cover for Force Works #1 was a masterpiece.
    And who could forget “Rub the blood”?
    It’s sad but I’m all for gimmick covers.

    Not sure it will sway me for legacy, and also not sure why they didn’t announce these during the legacy announcement, but then who understood anything about the thinking behind that announcement.

    Edwin Sherman – I’ve heard that said a few times across ththe decades.

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